The jewel of the Ionian Sea

Of all the seven Ionian Islands, Kefalonia is the largest, measuring approximately 780 sq. km. It has 250 km of unspoilt coastline, with its western shores being the most precipitous and rocky in comparison to the more gently undulating eastern side. Situated between the islands of Ithaca, Zakynthos and Lefkada, Kefalonia is only 38 km from mainland Greece. Its capital is Argostoli which has a bay that is one of the safest natural harbours in the Mediterranean.

Extending through the southern part of the island is the Ainos mountain range whose highest peak is 1628m. Here there is a National park which boasts a wide variety of beautiful wild flora and fauna, which includes the Kefalonian pine exclusive only to this island. Also are the endangered horses which can also be found grazing on its southern slopes, near to the only natural spring on the mountain. There are many carstic formations and springs, sink holes and caves to explore.

In contrast to this lush and densely forested area are the fertile plains lying in the west and eastern areas of the island where vines, vegetables, olive and a variety of fruit trees are grown.

Many interesting books have been written about the island's history and some archeologists believe that it is the Homeric Ithaca after the discovery of an important burial tomb just outside Poros. Our Patron Saint Gerassimos is honoured in his Omala valley for his good works there during the 17th century and his legacy lives on amidst the setting of the Robola vineyards located around the valley.

Kefalonia's climate is temperate with generally hot summers. Spring is early by North European standards with the weather changing to bring warm breezes by early March.

The island offers a variety of lifestyle choices to suit individual needs - from its bustling, vibrant and cosmopolitan capital to the tranquility and slow pace of the Greek traditional villages.

Whether you are looking to live in Kefalonia permanently or choose it as a base for a holiday home or business, you can always be assured of a very warm welcome from the locals who are renowned throughout Greece for their easy going nature.



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